Rod Liddle vs Mary Beard – the re-match. Tune in tonight to Any Questions

Last year, Rod Liddle waded into the Mary Beard ‘misogyny’ row. You may recall that Beard appeared on Question Time,… Continue reading

The Tories must commit to more defence spending in the next parliament


Nato is 65 years old this year; but there’s little cause for celebration. The Defence Select Committee’s latest report suggests… Continue reading

This government’s disastrous prisons policy is putting the public at risk

New data suggests that UK prisons are in crisis. (Image: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Data released yesterday lays bare the true scale of the growing crisis in our prisons. Suicides up 69 per cent… Continue reading

The NHS’s sympathy deficit


Sometimes I have a quiet time as a voluntary hospital visitor. But recently I’ve witnessed a lot of distress from… Continue reading

David Cameron’s voteless recovery

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

The economy has recovered, and is steadily growing. That much is now clear. It has long been assumed that this… Continue reading

Look where Tony Blair’s messianic fervour has left us

Tony Blair Promotes The Chinese Translation Of His Autobiography

While trawling down the Mail Online’s right-hand-side of the page porno strip, to consider analytically the latest photographs of Jessica… Continue reading

The insidious re-normalisation of smoking

Top US Tobacco Companies Enter E-Cigarette Market

The NHS has long since been smoke free, banning smoking on-site for patients and staff alike back when I was… Continue reading

Ed Miliband’s union bosses would change Britain for the worse

'Red Ed' is the creature of Len McCluskey. (Image: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Trade unions have an important role in any decent society, but their stranglehold on the Labour Party is something we… Continue reading

If the Edinburgh Fringe thinks it’s fine to give in to bigots, I might have to give up on the Edinburgh Fringe

Image: Getty

When is a great international arts festival not a great international arts festival? When it can’t uphold even the most basic… Continue reading

David Cameron can’t afford any more slip-ups

(Photo: Getty)

From now until September 18th, the Scottish referendum will rightly dominate national politics. Tuesday night’s debate between Alistair Darling and… Continue reading

Fifty shades of Grayling

The Conservative Party Annual Conference

With the delicacy of an Israeli F-16, the Tories entered the summer campaign today with an achingly dull speech in… Continue reading

Tunes of Numpties: Scottish novelists on independence

German NSA Investigation Committee Considers Typewriters Out of Data Leak Concerns As Sales Rise

There are many ways to commission fat-headed political analysis but, in my experience, by far the easiest is to ask… Continue reading

These latest sanctions against Putin might just work


‘Sanctions,’ said Kofi Annan, ‘are a necessary middle ground between war and words.’ Neither the EU nor the US will… Continue reading

Podcast: The lure of the crowd, anti-Semitism and Cameron’s uncertain future

(Photo: Getty)

Hell, as one of Jean-Paul Sartre’s characters said, is other people. Unless, that is, you happen to be British and… Continue reading

Next to the great halal scandal, grouse is small beer. But which has M&S banned?

Final Preparations Are Underway For The Glorious Twelfth

Last year I got my grouse at M&S. The birds, I mean. There’s a little fresh meat section in the… Continue reading

Is NATO a busted flush?

The Ceremonial Funeral Of Former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher

Rory Stewart is no soft-touch. When he was elected chairman of the Defence Select Committee, it was thought that he… Continue reading

Watch: Douglas Murray and Ben Soffa from Palestinian Solidarity Campaign discuss anti-Semitism


In this week’s Spectator, Melanie Phillips suggests that anti-Semitism is on the rise, fueled by the events in the Middle… Continue reading

‘Unity at home and strength abroad’. Britain prepares for WW1 by postponing Irish home rule

Morning kit inspection at a camp of the Ulster Volunteers Force, the unionist paramilitary force, at Ballywater on 12th July 1914. (Image: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

The outbreak of war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia in July 1914 forced British politicians to postpone the Amending Bill for Irish… Continue reading

Time for a new, patient-driven approach to cancer screening?

Image: Getty

No screening test for cancer is 100 per cent accurate. While some individuals might benefit from having an early cancer… Continue reading

Why won’t the Salmond / Darling debate be shown in England?

What would happen to the UK if Scotland votes for independence? Photo: Getty Images.

The future of Britain is at stake, but you wouldn’t know it from how ITV is behaving. On Tuesday, STV… Continue reading

2 billion reasons to take shooting seriously

Image: Getty

When I told our blogs editor about an independent survey claiming that shooting was worth £2 billion to the rural economy, he… Continue reading

Now that Richard Dawkins is attacking Muslims and feminists, the atheist Left suddenly discover he’s a bigot


‘Richard Dawkins, what on earth happened to you?’ asks Eleanor Robertson in the Guardian today. Ms Robertson is a ‘feminist… Continue reading

I thought I had contracted Ebola. Life doesn’t get much scarier than that

(Photo: SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty)

Juba After an all-night rainstorm in Juba I woke to see the mosquito that bit me in the dark. Now,… Continue reading

Lunchtime lobbying from Tristram Hunt

Image: Getty

The search for a new Chairman of the BBC Trust is in utter chaos. After Mr Steerpike revealed that the… Continue reading

David Cameron hints at tax cuts for Middle England

Prime Minster British Prime Minister David Cameron Attends A Rally Before European And Local Elections

The Telegraph’s Christopher Hope tweets the news that David Cameron is open to raising the threshold for the 40p rate:… Continue reading

British farming cannot turn its back on the EU

Image: Getty

Much has been made of the political debate at the 2014 CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace. The attendance of… Continue reading

Labour wants you to pay more tax. But what about its tax bill?

Ed Miliband's Speech On Reforming Labour's Links With Unions

Westminster has got in a tizz overnight because Andy Burnham has been taped saying that he still favours a ‘death… Continue reading

Why Ed Miliband’s public image matters

Labour leader Ed Miliband addresses delegates at his party's 2011 conference. Image: Getty

For a politician to draw attention to his own deficiencies is a desperate attempt to curry favour with the electorate… Continue reading



The rise of crowd culture – a generation scared to do anything alone

Individualism is dead: we have succumbed to the lure of the crowd

What our leaders would say if they really cared about defending Britain's Jews


What our political leaders would say if they really cared about halting anti-Semitic attacks

The war that we Germans really don't mention

Kaiser Wilhelm II - World War One

A century on, Germany prefers to ignore the first world war

Porn-agains: meet the middle-aged men - and women - warped by internet porn


It’s not just the young whose expectations of sex are warped by dirty videos online

From the Elgin marbles to Carl Andre's bricks: the mistakes that have made great art

Gauguin’s Pacific Islanders owe as much to travel literature as to direct observation.

Some of art’s most important steps forward began simply as misconceptions

In our hard-pressed NHS, must sympathy be rationed too?


Nurses might be overworked but they could still be kind

Now remember August 1714

Portrait of George I of Great Britain

Some reasons to remember this week’s other great anniversary: the accession of George I

An amateur's guide to the glories of Gleneagles

Each green is a riddle: Gleneagles

Pity the folk at Gleneagles. They have the misfortune to host the Ryder Cup this year. Nothing, surely, can surpass the drama of the previous contest between the United States… Read more


Prime Minister David Cameron Spends A Holiday In Cornwall With His Family

Why this could be David Cameron's last summer in politics

At this time of year, whenever you see a British politician looking particularly busy, you can take it as a… Read more

The Spectator's Notes: My grandfather's dire omen on the eve of war

WW1 Recruitment Posters To Be Auctioned

This week’s issue is dated 2 August. On that date 100 years ago, my great-grandfather, Norman Moore (always known as… Read more

I was a slut too, Prime Minister, and I think you're giving in to PC nonsense

Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, allegedly used the term 'slut' in 2010 in connection with journalist,  Bryony Gordon

Is it ever appropriate to use the word ‘slut’? I always take my lead from the Prime Minister and he… Read more

You owe it to yourself to visit John Clare country

Poet John Clare Photo: Getty

This has been a terrible year for horseflies. It’s bad enough if you’re human: often by the time you swat… Read more

I know how ineffective sanctions are – but these ones just might work

Vladimir Putin talks to Rosneft President Igor Sechin Photo: AFP/Getty

‘Sanctions,’ said Kofi Annan, ‘are a necessary middle ground between war and words.’ Neither the EU nor the US will… Read more



Why did it take so long to recognise the worth of British folk art?

‘Goose Woman’, c.1840, by George Smart

British folk art has been shamefully neglected in the land of its origin, as if the popular handiwork of past… Read more

I think I’ve found the new Maria Callas

© simon fowler/decca

Some of my most enjoyable evenings, when I reviewed opera weekly for The Spectator, were spent at the Royal College… Read more

Was Elgar’s The Kingdom an attempt to write a religious Ring Cycle?

First night of The Proms, Royal Albert Hall Photo: Redferns/Getty

To go from the second day of the England v. India Test match at Lord’s to the Albert Hall for… Read more

In Norwich, a director is caught trying to murder Wagner’s Tannhäuser

Theater Freiburg present Tannhauser1

Seventeen years ago the Norwegian National Opera staged two cycles of the Ring in Norwich’s Theatre Royal, performances that have… Read more

Let’s face it, Greek tragedy is often earnest, obscure or boring. Not this Medea

Terribly, terribly English: Helen McCrory as Medea

Carrie Cracknell’s new version of Medea strikes with overwhelming and rather puzzling force. The royal palace has been done up… Read more

Moon Indigo: an all-you-can-eat buffet for the eyes - but your brain will feel famished


Your enjoyment of Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo may entirely depend on how much visual whimsy you can take, what your… Read more

Barbie dolls? This girl aims for the head

The Terracotta Army Museum: the warriors were built to protect Quin Shi Huuang, China’s first emperor

Channel 4’s Kids and Guns (Thursday) began with an American TV advert in which a young boy’s eyes shone with… Read more

Glasgow and the Commonwealth go back a long way; Radio 4 explores a murky past


What’s been missing from the schedules during the Commonwealth Games has been a straightforward reminder about who makes up the… Read more

A history of remembrance


One fight that seems to have been won is that spearheaded by the War Memorials Trust to preserve the thousands… Read more



Even Switzerland is turning lefty. Am I going to have to move to Wyoming?

 Gstaad I am looking out of my window at the green landscape and forested mountains rising beyond, as peaceful a scene as there is in this troubled world, but this… Read more

The indiscreet charm of Jim Davidson

Celebrity Big Brother - Contestants Enter The House

Le tout Torquay was there, cramming into the Princess Theatre with a drink in each hand ten minutes after the show had begun. I pressed in among them. Jim Davidson,… Read more

The only woman who can make me lie


With a heavy heart, I have just conducted my biannual lying session. I hate that I have to do this. I am an honest person driven to the extremes of… Read more

You can't spin yourself into authenticity – as Ed Miliband is finding out

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

For a politician to draw attention to his own deficiencies is a desperate attempt to curry favour with the electorate that has been tried before with dismal consequences. The most… Read more